Infligt test + update on new version (coming soon)

There is only one kind of software which has absolutely no bugs: software which is never used. There are two options for you, the developer, when a bug appears: you bang your head on the wall while you ask yourself why you were so stupid as to let “this obvious bug” creep in… Or you stand up, go to your computer and solve the problem.

Which is what I have been doing lately. In particular, version 1.1, which will be released (hopefully) very soon, will include:

  • A fix for a serious performance bug that might render the app very slow when using cached maps
  • A fix for the heading information which was not displaying correctly on some devices

As for new features… Well, just wait and see.. (although there is nothing major yet, as I was eager to release this version to fix these nonsense bugs). And by the way, thank you very much to all the users who have sent feedback so far. You make my life much easier! 🙂

And now see below the app actually working on a flight I did this last Saturday, on a very nice flying day. The plane is a C-152. Enjoy!

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AviMapGPS 1.0

Now available in iTunes for download.

At an amazing price, no subscriptions required.

Available here.


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AviMapGPS is a GPS enabled application for the iPhone / iPad platforms.

It is currently under review by Apple, and it should be launched soon on the App Store.

Current features include:

  • Sectional maps of the entire US territory (US support only, for now)
  • Shows your position on the map, as well as latitude, heading and velocity
  • Allows you to plan / display / store routes
  • Displays AF/D files for 5000+ US airports
  • Allows you to cache individual maps for offline usage

Check this site for the latest updates, and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or concerns! We will try to address any bugs found, and add new features as best as we can!

Please note that this software is not intended to be used as a primary means of navigation! Use it at your own risk, without any implied warranty!

(however, we think it is pretty awesome!)



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