AviMapGPS is a GPS enabled application for the iPhone / iPad platforms.

It is currently under review by Apple, and it should be launched soon on the App Store.

Current features include:

  • Sectional maps of the entire US territory (US support only, for now)
  • Shows your position on the map, as well as latitude, heading and velocity
  • Allows you to plan / display / store routes
  • Displays AF/D files for 5000+ US airports
  • Allows you to cache individual maps for offline usage

Check this site for the latest updates, and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or concerns! We will try to address any bugs found, and add new features as best as we can!

Please note that this software is not intended to be used as a primary means of navigation! Use it at your own risk, without any implied warranty!

(however, we think it is pretty awesome!)



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12 Responses to AviMapGPS

  1. Jeremy says:

    Cool app. Looks promising. Downloading map files for offline use is taking forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Really slow!!!!!

  2. lgargate says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I will think about a way of speeding this up in the future. The time it takes to download a particular sectional will depend on which one it is. They have different sizes, such that the higher in latitude a given chart is, the bigger the file is.

    I had to make a choice here, between providing bigger files, with greater quality in the image, or make them smaller but then you could not read the text (at least in the iPhone). Providing a better quality of service might be possible, but I have to think about a smart way of doing it.

    For now, I suggest for you to try downloading (for offline use) while on a wifi connection. Or are you using wifi already?

    Thank you for your feedback! It is much appreciated.

    • Jeremy says:

      Yes I am on wifi. Left it on For about 12 hrs and only downloaded maybe half of the charts. I am going to take it up flying tommorow and will leave a post on how it does in flight (running it on. Ipad2 64G 3G AT&T)

      • lgargate says:

        Ah. Ok. If you are trying to download the entire database it will take you ~ 2 GB to 4 GB of data, most of which you will not use unless you are doing a really long cross country flight from Florida to Alaska.

        I can suggest you download only the charts that you really need for 90% of the flights that you do, which are maybe just one or two sectionals.

        Let me know how it works out for you in flight as well.

        Once more, I am committed to improve this product as I can over time, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Would suggest adding the AF/D data as well to the offline data if possible.

  4. Rich says:

    So far did some preliminary testing, looks promising.
    Recommend a manual user route option, the touch option is also great.
    Such as departing from kzyx – Arrival kxyz,
    a approximately heading for desire route will also be helpful.


  5. Ranjeev Varma says:

    Dear Jeremy,
    It is one of the best App , but unfortunately coverage is limited to US only. Do you have any plan to launch with the rest of the world coverage.

  6. lgargate says:

    Hi Jeremy, Rich, and Ranjeev,
    Thank you for your comments. To answer your questions:
    – Adding AF/D to offline storage will be done very soon in the next release, which I am already preparing.
    – Planning routes by entering identifiers will also be an option soon, although I have to say that due to limited time on my part, I will have to make choices on what I do first. Can I suggest you join the facebook group AviMapGPS? I will have polls on some of these issues, and you can then vote on your favorite features.
    – Adding maps of the rest of the world is in my plans, but probably not immediate plans. This is technically difficult, because you have to have a good source of digital maps to use, which for the US you can get from the FAA, and in the case of many other countries might not be as centralized. But I will surely investigate what I can do about that.
    Keep posting and sending comments. This has been very useful so far.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Currently getting an error. With it connecting to the network. It stopped downloading any data at all. It’s getting AF/D info. But no map info

    • lgargate says:

      From your description (and previous postings) I am guessing I know what is going wrong: it is not a network problem, but a performance issue.

      For a quick fix try this: stop the app, and re-start it again. Then, if you keep the map centered on your gps position the maps should be loading (from your cache, not from the internet, you will not see the activity indicator spinning). Also, if you do not need all the sectionals cached locally, i recommend erasing some of them, at least temporarily. This will improve this improper behavior.

      I will see the best way to correct / improve this behavior in the next release.
      Send me anymore details on this, if you have any, to [email protected] .

  8. Andy says:

    Appears my Heading, Speed and Altitude are not working. Also aircraft symbol stays tracking north so that aircraft traveling backwards while flying south. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • lgargate says:

      Dear Andy,
      Actually, I was just testing the app myself in flight today, and both my speed and altitude were displaying correctly (i even made a cool movie, which I am planning to post later on, and I hope this can actually be seen).

      However, I had the same problem with the heading – this is an accuracy issue, which i did not detect in my pre-release tests. I know what is going on and I will apply the correction on the next release (this is due to lack of accuracy on the iPad / iPhone magnetic sensors, and to my choice of NOT showing an heading if the error is greater than 10 degrees). I am setting a lower threshold on the heading accuracy to ~ 15 degrees which should solve the problem on most devices and for most situations; although i cannot guarantee it will work in your case.

      One other thing I will do is actually use the course (and not the heading) to show the correct orientation of the icon plane. This should work much better, even if your device does not have a good magnetic reading for some reason.

      Now, the altitude and velocity should be displaying correctly (i just saw it working today for myself). So, my question is: what device are you using? If it is GPS enabled (a 3G model), this information should be there. I am very interested in learning more about this. Would you be so kind to send me details to the e-mail [email protected]?
      Thank you for your comment

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