Key features & Usage tips

Current list of features as of version 1.0:

  • Sectional maps for the entire US territory
  • Displays position on map, shows altitude, velocity, and heading on nav window
  • Display units on nav window, and information displayed completely configurable
  • Allows to plan / display / store routes by clicking on airports
  • Allows caching of individual maps to provide offline usability
  • Shows AF/D files for 5000+ airports in the US

Some usage tips:

  • Click on any airport in the map when zoomed in, and choose from the menu if you want to see the AF/D file, or just start route planning at that point
  • Double click on the map to turn GPS on, and to center the map on your current position
  • Click on the arrow in the lower left corner to extend the toolbar, and display menu buttons
  • Not that hard, is it? 🙂

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